The idea of flying was not conceived in a cage


Nec Technology’s

focus is the development of new design solutions, materials, and production technologies for the parts and modules of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Based on its extensive independent capabilities and resources, the company aims to formulate and develop innovative solutions for UAV systems.

By resolving technological issues and creating UAV systems solutions, the company is developing a range of products and services for the global market.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems

We develop and produce professional unmanned aerial vehicles, for use in fields such as search and rescue, environmental protection, energy development, agriculture, and ground survey.

Ground stations

Our ground stations incorporate key functions that facilitate easy operation of the UAV.


We design proprietorial applications for flight planning and control, along with modules dedicated to performing specific tasks. Our software facilitates operation of the UAV even for beginners.


We share our expertise, offering training for drone operators (UAVO, VLOS and BVLOS) and special training programmes tailored to our customers’ needs.

Technical support

We provide comprehensive product implementation, and offer a wide range of technical support, as well as servicing, during the UAV’s period of use.


In adapting to the market, we are constantly expanding our business scope.


Ground survey

Preparation of location-altitude maps, and maps for design purposes and record.


Investigation of inaccessible areas, and monitoring of landslides and mining sites.

Construction industry

Monitoring progress in road and railway line construction.


Assessment of crop states.


Forest inventory, estimation of the scale of damage from natural disasters.


Assessment of air quality, monitoring national parks areas.

Search and rescue

Coordination of rescue operations.


Assessment of the technical condition of power lines.


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